​​Thank you from the bottom of my heart ​​for the ​SUPER KIND ​WORDS you've ​given me over the years. They're ​appreciated more than you'll ever know!

​Here are ​just a few.


Red Balloon Floating
Comedian Man


"We’ve REPEATEDLY used Comedian Man at our parties and every time he makes them a blast!"

RONNI NYE-KELLER  //  Real Estate Agent — Hershey, PA

"This guy is awesome. ​You've gotta see ​all of his other acts too! How he does it​ is amazing and hilarious!"

DENNY AUNGST  //  Custom Car Builder — ​Tremont, PA

"​​​​Thanks for doing such a great job for Dr. Potter and the staff at Shepherdstown today. Everyone really enjoyed the Purple Gorilla!"

​AUDREY JONES  //  ​R.N. — ​Enola, PA


We had Comedian Man performed as the Drunken Bum for my mom's birthday party and oh my goodness... he actually made my mom pee herself from laughing so hard!

Kia Bair
Mount Joy, PA


Can’t believe you and Jeff pulled it off! The guys and my boss are still talking about your visit!  Thanks for making my Valentine’s Day so memorable!  It was a great time!

Pamela Bechtel 

​— Palmyra, PA


SOOO FUNNY!  I had an awesome night! I haven't laughed that​ hard in a long time!  You were hysterical​.  Too bad you don’t live in Texas, you’d be booked up for the next ten years!

SOOO FUNNY!!! I had an awesome night!! THANK YOU! Haven’t laughed that hard in a long time! You were hysterical, thank you so much!

David Griffin
Alvarado, TX

Colonel ​Kenneth ​Vibryl

​United States Army

​Comedian Man consistently brings fun to our annual events.

We’ve hired Comedian Man well over a dozen times for different occasions over the years. He’s even created new characters just for our situations. There’s NO DOUBT that he has not had the entire audience in stitches each and every time! He has an amazing memory with the details provided for his act. I highly recommend him to anyone…. we’re so glad we found him! Thanks for all the laughs Comedian Man!​

Rodney Updagrave

Regional Sales Manager,

Pleasant Valley Homes - Pine Grove, PA

When it's time to celebrate,

Don't Forget to Plan...

Comedian Man!

​Keep Having FUN!