​​​​The ​Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper Singing Telegram

“​You were hilarious on ​Saturday!! The Family and EVERYONE loved it!! Thank you so much! You brought the house down!”

​— ​Gabrielle Battle
​Annville, PA

Red Balloons Floating

The ​Grim Reaper ​is the king of “Over The Hill” FUN! He stands over eight feet tall and makes an impression that is sure to get the attention of the ‘victim!’

​​Excellent for “Over The Hill” office parties and work environments. He’s been “watching” them for a while since they’ve been “on his list!” Great for Milestone Birthdays! The Grim Reaper will officially take away their youth!

​Plan Some FUN Today!

Red Balloon Floating
The Grim Reaper

  ​Don't forget to plan... Comedian Man!​